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Accessories - Adhesives, Tapes, & Rubber


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Item Description

A15067 Rear Window Defogger Repair kit
A21425 Epoxy Mixer Cups (can of 10)
A22437 Rear Window Defogger Tab Adhesive
A3325 Loctite 24ml Mirror Adhesive Kit
A49512 Super Glue 28ml bottle
ADCORT0102T 3/8" Rd. Butyl Tape (case of 12)
ADCORT0105T 3/8" SQ Butyl Tape (case of 12)
ADCORT0108T Adco 5/16" Rd. Butyl Tape (case of 12)
ADCORT0115T Adco 1/4"Rd. Butyl Tape (case of 12)
ADCORT0121 1/8" x 1/4" Butyl Tape (by the roll)
AR75000351 CRL Black Bulb Trim Seal - 25' Roll
AR75000428 1/8" x 1/4" Insert Type Rubber 50' Roll
AR75000440 1/4" x 1/16" Rubber - 50 ft. Roll
AR75000477 1/8" x 1/16" Mini Rubber - 50ft Roll
AR75000641 Everseal 3/32" (0.22mm) 100 ft. roll
AR75000642 Everseal 1/16" (0.16mm) 100 ft. roll
AR75000643 Everseal 3/64" (0.12mm)  100 ft.
AR75000644 Everseal 1/32" (0.08mm) 100 ft.
AR75000675 AS-789 Black Lockstrip (200' roll)
AR75000687 AS-937 Black Lockstrip (200ft roll)
AT3M6383 3M 7/8" two-way Tape (by the roll)
AT3M8509 3M AutomotiveGlazing Sealant (each)
AT5792002 Black "GM" Tape (each)
AT6070 6mm x 7mm Modular Window Tape (M-seal)
AT8080 8mm x 8mm Modular Window tape (M-Seal)
ATGBT286 1-1/2" Premium Moulding Tape
ATGBT287 2" Premium Moulding Tape
CRLRDCRK Backglass Heater Tab Repair Kit
NFD1200 Foam Dam (6mm x 6mm 1200 ft. roll)
UM100 Precision Lockstrip WLS 100 - 16' Single App
UM15SFR Precision Universal (014 TPE/ GG 1014) 14mm - Roll
UM17GDN Guardian Tech-Flex 17mm Moulding (100ft roll)
UM17SFR Precision Universal 17mm - Roll (017 TPE/GG1017)
UM203 Precision Universal Moulding (WFS 203)
UM20GDN Guardian Tech-Flex 20mm Universal Mld (100ft Roll)
UM21SFR Precision Universal (020 TPE / GG1020) 20mm - Roll
UM225 Precision Universal Moulding (WFS 225)
UM26SFR Precision Universal Moulding (GG 1026) 26mm - Roll
UM466 Precision  Universal Lockstrip (WLS 466)
UM900 Lockstrip (WLS 900) Round black 16 ft roll
UMT100B Chrysler moulding DW1226 120' roll(Gold Glass)
UMT101B Underside Moulding 90' roll (Gold Glass)
UMT105B 17mm Reveal Mouilding 75' roll(Gold Glass)
UMT107B 20mm Reveal Mouilding 75' roll(Gold Glass)
UMT108B 25mm Reveal Mouilding 75' roll(Gold Glass)
UMT109B 31mm Reveal Mouilding 65' roll(Gold Glass)
UMT201 Underside Moulding - 90ft Roll (Gold Glass)
UMT202 Foam Underside Moulding - 100ft Roll

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