Accessories - Windshield Repair

Windshield repair

Item Number

Item Description

A81379 Permatex U.V. Resin (27ml bottle)
AWR18000000 Seals for Plastic Injector (Each)
AWR18001000 Glass Medic Plastic Injectors (each)
QF1000 Quick-Fix Dual Repair Bridge Repair Kit
QF101 Ultra Thin Resin 30ml bottle
QF103 Resin A - General Purpose  30ml Bottle
QF105 Resin B - 30ml Bottle
QF109 Pit filler - 20ml Bottle
QF118 Quad "O" Rings I10 pack)
QF119 Round "O" Rings (10 pack)
QF126 UV Bulb
QF132 Syringe with Blunt Needle
QF133 UV Sunshade
QF136 Cure Film (Mylar Pads) Bag of 100
QF4000 Quick-Fix Professional Repair Kit
QFFG170 Drill Bits short ( 10 pack)
QFHP2 Drill Bits long (10 pack)

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